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Download the 2024 Camp Agape forms using the links on the right. All of these files are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader (or another PDF file viewer) installed to view or print these files.

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    c/o Bob Ammerman
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Form Description
Full Application Packet The entire contents of the application packet. This includes everything in the files below.
Information About Children's Camps in NYS Information provided by New York State outlining what you can expect from a Childen's Camp, like Camp Agape. It describes the rules under which we operate, and the actions we have to take to ensure the health and well-being of your child.
Information Sheets Several pages of very useful information about camp. You must be sure to read this material before submitting your application.
General Medical and Emergency Contacts Form This form is required for everyone who comes to camp and stays overnight. This includes precampers, campers, and staff. It does not include adult visitors who stay only one night. It does not need to be filled out by a medical professional.
Immunization Record and Meningitis Information Form This form is required for all precampers and campers. It does not need to be filled out by a medical professional, although you may need or prefer to contact your pediatrician to obtain the correct immunization dates. Note that these dates are required by New York State law.
Individual Doctor's Orders Form This form is required for all campers, unless a parent or legal guardian will be with them at all times while at camp. You may pre-fill-in the medication section, but a health professional must fill in the top section and sign the form. Alternatively, if your health professional has their own form to replace the top section of the form, you may supply us with that and leave the top section blank.